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List of services

1. Taking up complaints from the member industries and help to Solve them.
2. Acts as a bridge between bankers and Government Organisations.
3. Keeping watch on the policy changes of Government and identifying the new difficulties and problems hindering the growth of these industries and suggesting corrective measures to Government for immediate implementation.
4. The practice of brother hood among members helps to develop mutual friendship and Cooperation.
5. It identifies newer area of activity and new marketing area for their products. It also helps to identify projects for diversification of the product mix. After the Liberalised economic scenario associations have been acting as eye opener to local Industries about the probable invasion of global players and suggests ways and means to meet them to win.
6. It constantly keeps in touch with governments and makes healthy suggestions for framing rules and regulations.
7. There is an Industrial Clinic attached to the association which attends to the problems industrialists relating to, Sales Tax, Central Excise, Writing accounts, Income Tax, Loans from Banks, Getting Government approvals etc., and finds quick and easy Solutions.
8. If any small Industry graduates itself to big industry the association extends all necessary help to achieve their goal.
9. There are several seminars and workshops regularly arranged to upgrade the knowledge specially with respect to liberalized economic policy and global industrial competition and suggest ways and means to face them successfully.
10. In short all members are helped in all their endeavour to lead a Peaceful happy industrial life.

Manufacturing Sectors 1. Food Products, Fast Food ( Tourism and Hotel Industries )
2. Beverage ( Fruits and Synthetic formulation)
3. Tobacco and cigar industries
4. Hosiery Garments
5. Textile, Readymade Garments
6. Wood Furniture and house construction Materials
7. Paper and Paper pack products
8. Printing Industry
9. Leather Tannery, Leather products and Leather garment Manufacturers.
10. Rubber and Tyre retread rubber-manufacturing industry
11. Plastic and Polythene products manufacturing industry
12. Bulk Chemicals and Alcohol based chemicals manufacturing Industry.
13. Non-Metallic and Mineral products
14. Mat Weaving out of natural grass
15. Iron and steel based machines and machine tools manufacturing Industries Fabrication of small boilers and structures.
16. Basic Metal Industries
17. Machine Tool parts manufacturing Industry
18. Electrical Motors and Parts
19. Transport equipment manufacturing.

1. District Enterprises Consultation Committee -District Collector as Chair person.
2. Single Window Clearance Committee headed by District Collector.
3. District Sales Tax Advisory Committee Chaired by Dy. Commissioner, Sales Tax.
4. Customs and Central Excise Regional Advisory Committee & Public Grievance Committee chaired by Commissioner Customs and Central Excise.
5. State Level Small Industries Board chaired by Minister of Small Scale Industries.
6. Advisory Board Member Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation.
7. Task Force Committee for PMEGP,UYEGP,NEEDS( OLD PMRY Scheme) beneficiaries chaired by General Manager, District Industries Centre.
8. Regional Board, ESI Corporation, Tamil Nadu Region.
9. Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council, Tiruchirapalli
10. IECD Advisory Committee – Bharathidasan University
11. The District Level Tripartite Committee
12. The District Man Power Committee
13. EB Industrial Consumer Meet
14. City Improvement Committee
15. Tiruchirapalli city corporation – solid waste Management of Environmental Preservation Committee.

1.Fabrication steel structural for chemical plant, wind mills, High pressure boilers etc.,
2.Personal repairing of Automobile Electrical consumer durables
3.Construction materials out of steel and wood.

1.High Pressure boiler plant suitable to generate 600MW Thermal Power
2.Cement Plant 5000 MT/D
3.Sugar Plant 2500 MT/ D
4.Distilleries of alcohol, chemical pesticides
5.Mines of several minerals
6.Seamless Tube manufacturing to suit High-Pressure boiler Industry.